5 Springtime Activities

Spring is in the air! As the snow melts and the days gets warmer, it’s a wonderful time to have fun with friends and family. There are lots of things to do around the city for people living with dementia and their caregivers. Here are our top 5 springtime, dementia-friendly activities!


Take a walk through a park

Toronto is full of beautiful parks. On a warmer day, take a nice stroll and have a talk, look at nature, and maybe even see some baby animals.


Plant a windowsill herb garden

When everything is coming into bloom outside, it’s the perfect time to start a new project. Why not plant a windowsill herb garden? Buy some seeds for your favourite herbs, or purchase pre-grown seedlings and repot them – then watch them grow!


Get a bird feeder

A bird feeder is a fun and easy way to bird-watch indoors or outdoors. Find a tree branch that you can see from your window, set up a bird feeder, and enjoy all of the birds who stop by for a snack!


Have a picnic

Whether you find a park, a bench, or even a front lawn, a great afternoon activity is to pack a picnic and then find somewhere to eat it! Pick a few favourite foods, and find a place to have a great conversation.


Craft with pressed flowers

While you’re outside on a nature walk, stop to pick some colourful flowers. Use some wax paper and heavy books to press them for future crafting! You could glue them to the front of greeting cards, add them to a shadow box frame, or glue them on to a watercolour painting for a mixed media masterpiece!


Let us know what you think of our list! What other spring activities do you like to do?


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