Catching up with The Tweeters

The Walk For Alzheimer’s in Toronto is coming up in just a month. On May 28, people all over the city will join together in raising Alzheimer’s awareness, and supporting the programs that assist persons with dementia and their caregivers.

We caught up with PC Peter De Quintal, who started a team of Walkers on Twitter. Meet the Tweeters!

While Peter has participated in other charity events in the past, this is his first time participating in the Walk for Alzheimer’s. We’re so glad that he took it a step further and decided to organize a team for the Etobicoke walk!

So what inspired Peter to go that extra step? It really comes down to compassion and a friendly challenge.

“I believe most of us have been affected by this illness directly or indirectly and I understand while there is no cure we can still give those affected a certain quality of life.”

“I believe the work you guys do really helps those with the illness and their family. Also Romina [(our Minds In Motion superstar and project coordinator)] told me if I liked her tweet I had to participate and I don’t like turning down challenges,” said Peter.

Peter himself has been directly affected by dementia; his grandmother lived with dementia. “It was hard on all of us because she was always so strong and this seemed like a kink in her armour.”

For Peter, the Tweeters is a way to gather together with relative strangers who have also been impacted by dementia and show community support.

“I’m not sure how many members we’ll get in the end but I put it out for anyone to join our group through Twitter.  I’d really like to see a small group so that we can engage one another and get to know each other through the walk. My goal was to bring relative strangers together for the opportunity to meet one another and at the same time come together behind a cause. I hope we’ll raise at least $1500 but that’s dependant on where the group is in size.”

Even though many of the Tweeters have not yet met beyond the Twitterverse, many joined the team with no hesitation. Another Twitter user didn’t join the team but donated $100 just to support the team after getting to know Peter and other Tweeters online.

Through all of this, Peter has truly seen the kindness of strangers and of a community coming together to support one another. To other Walkers, he’d like to say:

“Come out and support a worthy cause. We all want to have a quality of life that’s meaningful and support one another. Let’s not leave anyone behind.”

To register for one of the 3 Walk For Alzheimer’s events in Toronto, click here to find the Walk closest to you. If you’re heading to the Etobicoke Walk and wish to join the Tweeters, you can find their team page here. See you on May 28!

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