Walk For Alzheimer’s in Etobicoke

For the third year, the Alzheimer Society of Toronto has been blessed with amazing volunteers who lead the Walk For Alzheimer’s here in Toronto. They are champions, providing hours of volunteer support, encouraging others to walk with us and fundraise to support the 46,000 people living with dementia and their families here in Toronto. We’d like to introduce you to our Etobicoke Walk Committee!

None of us knows when we might be affected by Alzheimer’s, whether personally or through someone in our lives. It is a cruel disease that every member of Team Etobicoke has pledged to fight against.

In this third year of the Toronto Walk for Alzheimer’s, Team Etobicoke has both new and returning members. A bit about us… Two of us are engaged to each other, and we have a couple pairs of siblings in the mix too. We spend time together on a regular basis, so we’re a tight-knit group.

Zohrab Toutounjian and his fiancée Tamar Atik are returning for their third and second years respectively. Zohrab is also chairing the 2017 committee.

Joining this year are Zohrab’s sister, Patil, as well as Mosi and Nareg.



Meet Zohrab! Zohrab is our fun-loving leader of the group. He thrives off challenges and makes sure everyone enjoys the ride. You’ll rarely catch him without a latté in hand.



Meet Tamar! Tamar is coordinating communications. She has a penchant for reading and breakfast foods. If she could, she’d eat breakfast, with a book in hand, at every meal.



Meet Patil! Patil is sponsorship coordinator for Team Etobicoke. She loves spontaneous plans. She also has a soft spot for two Toronto mascots — Drake and raccoons.



Meet Mosi! Our marketing coordinator Mosi is big on design. Ask him about it and you’ll likely catch a glimmer in his eyes.



Meet Nareg! Nareg is taking care of event logistics. Never one to take on a task he can’t handle, his wisdom lies in his silence.


Every one of us is invested in fighting to end Alzheimer’s disease. Please join us on Saturday, May 27 — 9AM at Etienne Brule Park.

We hope to see you there!



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Find Littler LLP and Woodbine Entertainment Group at the Etobicoke Walk For Alzheimer’s on walk day!

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