#WhyIWalk: Tara Narbonne

The Walk for Memories is coming up on January 28, 2017. It is a way to honour and remember the people who have lived with dementia, and raise funds to end Alzheimer’s disease. We are sharing stories from our supporters as we prepare for the Walk; share this story or send us your own using the hashtag #WhyIWalk. This is Tara’s story.

I participate in the Walk for Memories as my incredible father had dementia.

Dementia has shaken our family to the core. Over the years, the disease altered my father so drastically, and quickly at the end. His ability to function as a capable, independent, funny and loving man was taken away from all of us, as well as his time to be a grandfather. It has been very overwhelming. My father passed away in April, and we miss him terribly. Although I find peace in the fact that he is no longer suffering.

People need to donate to the cause as it is a devastating disease, and there is no cure. More and more people are suffering, and it is tearing families apart. We need to find better medications that slow it down, or hopefully even one day cure it. More services are essential to support families going through crisis.

My family desperately needed support during my father’s decline, so we began seeing social workers regularly, going to workshops and joining support groups at the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. I can’t even imagine how we would have gotten through the really tough times without their support. It’s so cliche but, it really did make a difference knowing that we were not alone. The journey has been sad and scary, but we were a bit more prepared and supported throughout.


Join Tara in fundraising for the Walk For Memories or make a donation to support the 45,000 individuals living with dementia in Toronto and their families.

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