Dementia-Friendly Communities Training

In the Dementia-Friendly Communities training workshop, we will provide you with knowledge and tools that can be used when connecting with individuals, as you go about your day-to-day work. You and your team will be considered a successful dementia-friendly business or organization if you can:

    1. Recognize the symptoms and signs of dementia and understand the impact of dementia on a person’s ability to communicate, make judgments and act.
    2. Apply dementia-friendly communication strategies at work and in your community.
    3. Identify changes that can be made to physical and social environments at your work and in your community.
    4. Refer people to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto and describe resources available to community members.

We know that every organization is unique. If you have anything else you want to learn, please let us know!

We believe in interactive training. Our training will keep you engaged through videos, discussions, and relevant case studies.

ReTHINK DEMENTIA: used with permission by the Champlain Dementia Network, in partnership with the Dementia Society of Ottawa


Contact our Dementia-Friendly Communities project coordinator, Stephanie Massot: