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This 4 part series will cover various topics related to dementia and nutrition. As dementia progresses, many individuals with dementia and their care partners experience significant dietary and feeding challenges that may contribute to reduced dietary intake, malnutrition, an increased risk of frailty and disability, and a decreased quality of life.  

Through this educational series, participants will gain a greater awareness of nutritional needs, eating challenges and practical strategies in caring for individuals with dementia. 

This live webinar is presented by a special guest in collaboration with South Riverdale Community Health Centre.

In order to attend, you will have to register via www.Alzeducate.ca .  You will need to create an account (free of change) or login to your account,  and then click the link to register: Nutrition and Dementia (alzeducate.ca)

Upcoming sessions:

October 7th: Mealtime Behavioural Challenges and Feeding Strategies with Dementia October 21st: Dementia and Chronic Disease Management November 4th: Food Myths and Facts in Dementia 



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