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Plan Your Own Fundraising Event

Organizing your own fundraising event is a wonderful way to support those living with Alzheimer’s, support research and honour someone in your life.

If you already know what kind of event you would like to do, contact Holly at



Success Stories

1926 Alzheimer’s Skate
Steve McNeil skated for 19 hours and 26 minutes without break, in a symbolic tribute to his mother’s year of birth. He asked each donor to make a gift of $19.26 to the Alzheimer Society in his mother’s memory. In his inaugural year 2014, Steve raised over $4000.

Arctic 2 Antarctic (A2A)
In June 2014, Henry LaCroix attempted a 20,000 km cycling expedition from the Arctic to the Antarctic, in honour of his sister-in-law Janet who was diagnosed with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease at age 56. Although his trip was cut short for medical reasons, Henry nonetheless raised over $12K for the Alzheimer Society.

Gibbs Walk
A neighborhood walk in north-east Toronto, organized by Annette Gibbs in honour of her husband, that is now in its third year. Over the years Annette has raised over $20K from hundreds of supporters in her neighborhood.

Golf 2 Remember
An annual golf tournament held in August at the Silver Lake Golf Centre, organized by Tara Morse, Betsy Sumner & Jane Simard, who have a personal connection to dementia. In the four years they have hosted this tournament, they’ve raised over $25K .

Memory Ball
A gala event founded in 2011 by Young People Against Alzheimers (YPAA), the Memory Ball has raised over $120K so far, and shows no signs of slowing down. Three of the founders have mothers who are living with early-onset Alzheimer’s disease and these amazing women are committed to raising awareness about dementia among younger people.

Alyssa’s Pencils

Learn how 12 year old Alyssa sold pencils to honour her papa with dementia. Watch the video here!