Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s dedicated staff are led by Chief Executive Officer Scott Russell. Below you’ll find a full listing of our staff. To reach any staff member by phone, please call us at 416-322-6560.



Title Contact
Chief Executive Officer Scott Russell


Community Engagement

Title Contact
Manager of Communications Darlene Norris
Special Events Coordinator Danielle Nikoletopoulos
Special Events Assistant Holly Groeneveld
Communications Specialist Issey Abraha



Title Contact
Chief Development Officer Darlene Norris
Corporate Partnerships Officer Arlene Willis
Corporate Partnerships Officer Christine Mulligan
Database Coordinator Narmatha Jayakumar


Stewardship & Executive Projects

Title Contact
Manager of Stewardship & Executive Projects Nancy Reyes
Client Services Coordinator Remy Sookhai
Administrative Assistant Indu Shah


Programs & Services


Title Contact
Director of Community Support Services Kari Quinn-Humphrey
Manager, Caregiver Support Programs Kristy McKay
First Link Coordinator Shrid Dhungel
First Link, Care Navigator Laura McGill
First Link, Care Navigator Rebecca Detje
First Link, Care Navigator Kendelle LaBella
Intake Coordinator Denise Marshall
Intake Coordinator Maria Muzzi
Social Worker Erin Hawker-Budlovsky
Social Worker Risa Kim
Social Worker Sudha Vavilla
Social Worker Lisa Fitzwilliam
Social Worker Susan Price
Community Partnership Manager Romina Oliverio
Community Programs Coordinator Tina Krliu
Education Manager Patricia Lazarakis
Public Education Coordinator Esther Atemo
Public Education Coordinator Bernice Chan
Public Education Coordinator Joanne Tandoc
Public Education Coordinator Nicole Cardenas
Public Education Coordinator Nicole Gardner
Public Education Coordinator Nouchine Davarpanah
Manager of Volunteer Services Katie Berkelmans
Music Project Coordinator Nadia Aftab