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Toronto has joined the global movement to build a Dementia-Friendly Community™

A Dementia Friendly Community is a place where people living with dementia and their care partners are welcomed, included and supported. It is a community that pays attention to the social and physical needs of the person living with dementia.

The 46,000+ people living with dementia in Toronto and their care partners are your potential customers, clients, and neighbours. They may face challenges accessing your goods or services. Community members, businesses, and organizations can promote the independence and safety of people living with dementia by learning, raising awareness, and working together. The Alzheimer Society of Toronto’s goal is to educate the community so that our neighbourhoods are places where people living with dementia and their care partners feel valued and empowered.

This training is available to any organization/group who is interested in learning how to create safe, accessible and supportive spaces for people living with dementia.

There are two ways to receive dementia friendly communities training:

  1. Take the Dementia Friendly Canada Online Modules on Alzeducate and follow up with the public education team for a follow-up session.
  2. Receive a live Dementia Friendly Presentation from the public education team.

Organizations can also opt to be recognized as a Dementia Friendly Supporter .

What Are The Benefits?

If 75% or more of your organization, department, or team has received DFC training we provide you with the following benefits.

Have Questions?

Contact a public education coordinator to get started or to learn more

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