What is Young Onset Dementia?

Young Onset Dementias (YOD):

  • Are often known as the “Working Age Dementia,” with people being in their 30s, 40s and 50s at the time of diagnosis
  • Along with spouses, children may become carers at a young age
  • Role changes in the family relationships come with a unique set of challenges

Carers as young as 16 might end up picking up the bulk of care, so that the other parent can continue to go to work. Instead of focusing on school, and professional and personal goals, they end up providing day-to-day care for their parent.

With YOD, the diagnosis itself might be more difficult to accept because it was unexpected and had come ‘at the wrong time.’ As well, many younger people find themselves in the ‘age gaps’ between services, which can be very frustrating. Having the right services available for your age and the challenges you face makes a huge difference in maintaining independence and quality of life.

While the symptoms of dementia may be similar regardless of the age of onset, younger people and their care partners often have different needs, and therefore require different services.

At AST, we look at supporting spouses, young carers and other family members through a variety of initiatives.

These upcoming events were created with YOU in mind, as either someone living with young onset dementia, or their carer. Let’s share experiences, support one another, and have fun together!

Young Onset Dementia Caregiver Support Group, beginning August 4. Family care partners can connect through our 4-week support group series and transition into our monthly group for ongoing support.

The Young Carers Meetup! It’s happening on August 24 and is open to carers between age 16-25. If you’re outside of the age range, but want to join us, please get in touch with Ekta at ehattangady@alzheimertoronto.org.

The Boomers Club! A new session begins September 1 and is open to people living with YOD and their care partners.

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