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Easton Pribble, Pine Forest, 1995
Tuesday – December 12th from 2:00 PM – 3:00 PM on Zoom

With the arrival of autumn, we see how the colors in our environment change. We invite you to join us in a session of calm observation as we look at a selection of artworks depicting trees. Often the central figure in many landscapes, the tree has long been used as a metaphor and symbol for life. We will discuss and connect our personal experiences to images of trees in paintings, photographs and drawings.

Jano Cortijo is a gay, immigrant, bilingual arts educator whose work finds him engaging audiences of various ages, abilities, and backgrounds in museums, classrooms, community centers, or computer screens. Jano encourages critical discussion while connecting the participants’ individual histories and stories with the art and art makers.

This program is appropriate for people living with mild to moderate dementia and their carepartners. A Zoom link will be provided to you in an email once you have registered for this program.

For more information contact our Active Living Program Coordinator Kristin Bartlett at kbartlett@alz.to or 416-389-6099



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