Keeping Memories Alive at the Walk For Alzheimer’s

The Walk For Alzheimer’s brings together thousands of community members across Canada who all have a common goal: to end Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. Many of those who participate know someone who lives or has lived with the disease, and fundraising is a great way to support and honour them. This week, we found out why Bruna Walks For Alzheimer’s.


Losing my mother to Alzheimer’s has made me realize how important it is to bring awareness to people who are unfamiliar with this devastating disease. It was very painful for my family and I to witness our loved one succumb to this deteriorating illness. It left us emotionally torn, and exhausted by the experience.

Alzheimer’s can take away a person’s ability to process their thoughts and memories. Over time, they will also lose the ability to care for themselves. It is important to help them with this difficult transition they face. Regular visits can help stimulate their memory as well help them to not feel so isolated. These feelings can devastate those dealing with this and paralyze their ability to cope. As hard as it was for me to witness, I pushed myself to be the pillar of strength for my mom, who once was for me. Being able to talk to close family and friends helped me to persevere and deal with these emotions.  

My mother’s illness has taught me to value life. It offered me the privilege, opportunity and responsibility to give something back, and to cherish the moments and times that I had left with her. It is through these struggles that I became even more aware of the importance of accepting and being there for those we care about.

I had discovered through my experiences in caring for my mother that music and outdoor walks were great therapy. This brought some clarity to her memories and allowed her to experience a happier place which was soothing and calming to her soul. Her smile would brighten and reassure me that I was making and sharing moments that really mattered to both of us.

Giving is not just about a donation. It’s about making a difference. With your support, the Alzheimer Society can continue to provide essential programs and services that work to effectively alleviate the personal social consequences of Alzheimer’s disease and other forms of dementias within our community.

This will be my second year participating in the Walk for Alzheimer’s, making memories matter, in honour of my mother Rosa. Together we can make a difference, by keeping memories alive.

– Bruna


Join Bruna and her family at the Walk For Alzheimer’s or you can donate to her campaign here.



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