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U-First!® is an innovative education program for all members of the care team who are supporting people with behaviour changes due to dementia or other cognitive impairment.

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Enhance your knowledge and awareness of dementia, enabling you to provide quality care for persons with dementia.

You will learn and actively use the U-First!® approach to understand the person living with dementia and their behaviour, while engaging in meaningful dialogue with the care team to ensure individualized support.

The U-First!® Program will help you:

  • Understand that there can be many reasons why you might see behaviour changes in the person
  • Flag the possible changes that you may see when you are supporting the person
  • Interact in a new way with both skill and a common understanding of dementia and other cognitive impairments –
  • Reflect and report on not only new behaviours you may see in the person you are supporting but also share your strategies and tips with the team
  • Support the person and their care partners in everyday activities
  • Know that you are part of an important Team in caring for the person

80 plus $5 materials shipping fee

6 hrs

U-First!® Advanced

U-First!® Advanced is for healthcare professionals who have previously taken part in a U-First!® for Health Care Providers (6-hour Workshop or 3-week elearning course) and want to enhance their skills and ability to apply the U-First!® Framework

By taking this course you will learn:

  • Deepen your understanding and ability to apply the U-First!® framework
  •  Improve collaboration among all members of the team, including care partners
  • Increase the wellbeing of people experiencing behaviour changes
  • Reduce stress and increase job satisfaction for you and for others on the team.


  • Must be a personal support worker or front-line health-care provider.
  • Must have completed U-First!®

80 plus $5 materials shipping fee

6 hrs

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