31 May

Long Term Care TEACH Group – ONLINE


The Long Term Care TEACH (Training, Education, and Assistance for Caregiving at Home) Program is a Reitman Centre caregiver program which consists of 4 weekly group sessions that are each 90 minutes long.

Learning objectives: 

  • Focus on common caregiving themes including; self-care, Long Term Care system navigation, relationship changes and future planning
  • Coaches care partners in practical communication and coping skills
  • Provides opportunity to share and learn from other care partners

Dates: Fridays from May 31st to June 21st

Time: 10am to 11:30am

Location: the group will be held online using Zoom

** Click HERE If you are interested in future group dates or would like to discuss how this group may support your current caregiving situation.

Registration and an assessment appointment via Zoom are prerequisites. An AST Social Worker will contact you soon for your assessment.


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