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The Story Behind the Event: 2nd Annual Canadian Conference on Dementia Care

June 8th and 9th, Toronto will host the 2nd Annual Canadian Conference on Dementia Care. The details, including the agenda and registration information can be viewed at: Perhaps more useful than outlining event talking points here, I will explain how this event came about, and why discussions such as this will become more vital … Continued

Catching up with The Tweeters

The Walk For Alzheimer’s in Toronto is coming up in just a month. On May 28, people all over the city will join together in raising Alzheimer’s awareness, and supporting the programs that assist persons with dementia and their caregivers. We caught up with PC Peter De Quintal, who started a team of Walkers on … Continued

Poetry Corner: Remember

The following poem was shared with us by a caregiver, and we decided to share it with the Alzheimer Society Community. Remember (1923-2011) Mom remember the day you gave birth to me Can you recall the first footsteps that set me free? Think back when I came to you with tears in my eyes You … Continued

Meet the Team!

Introducing Walk Team Etobicoke! We are a passionate group of individuals working hard organizing a fun-filled day at Etienne Brule Park on May 28, 2016. Come out to make memories and enjoy the carnival-themed walk we have planned, lined with carnival games along the trail. Most importantly, come out to make a difference in the … Continued

Connect with Cathy: PSWs work hard. Really hard.

Cathy Barrick is the CEO of the Alzheimer Society of Toronto. She is a leader and voice in the Toronto community, and a passionate advocate for individuals living with dementia, determined to demonstrate how you can live well with dementia. Read some of her thoughts below. We all have summer jobs we remember. Jobs we … Continued

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