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8 Things We Can Learn From Finding Dory

1. Just Keep Swimming There are going to be days when things feel really tough. Maybe you’re struggling with communication. Maybe you feel lost and unsure of yourself. Maybe you feel like you need a rest from caregiving. Dory reminds us all to just keep swimming through the through times until we get past the … Continued

The Roadmap: A Personal Story

This story has been shared with us by Lyndon, one of AST’s valuable board members. If you want to talk to a social worker, and get some help coming up with your own plan for the future, you can call us at 416-322-6560 or get in touch with us online here. You can also registering for … Continued

What is Young Onset Dementia?

Young Onset Dementias (YOD): Are often known as the “Working Age Dementia,” with people being in their 30s, 40s and 50s at the time of diagnosis Along with spouses, children may become carers at a young age Role changes in the family relationships come with a unique set of challenges Carers as young as 16 … Continued

Find Your Flow

Beginning August 8, we’re teaming up with artist Kathleen Downie to bring you a 4-week watercolour painting session. The best part about it? You don’t need any art experience, and you’ll be working in a failure-free environment!  Find Your Flow is an abstract watercolour painting workshop that uses a playful, expressive and failure-free process. You will … Continued

AAIC Sneak Peek: Aynsley & Art Works

AST is proud to have multiple staff members presenting at the Alzheimer’s Association International Conference in Toronto this July 24-28. Wednesdays leading up to the conference, we’ve given you a sneak peek into each presentation. Check out the previous instalments here. This is the seventh and final preview, featuring social worker Aynsley and the art exhibit she curated, … Continued

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