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Working in Long-term Care Series for Healthcare Professionals
This series of four workshops aims to give health care professionals an overview of issues related to caring for someone with dementia in a long term care home.
Session 3 – Oral Care in Dementia
Learn the importance of oral health in overall wellbeing & health, best practice guidelines and practical strategies for providing oral care in each stage of dementia.
Leaning Objectives:
  • Recognize the importance of oral health in maintaining general overall health.
  • Recall common Oral health challenges found in person living with dementia.
  • Discuss strategies & approaches for providing oral care with persons experiencing responsive behaviours
  • Review best practice guidelines for optimal oral care in various stages for dementia
    For Frontline Healthcare Providers working in Long-Term Care.
    Workshop will be presented online via Zoom.
    Registration is required to participate.

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