We can’t tell you we’re the best…

But our families sure can!


“I came here to die, but now I’m here to live” – Mrs. Jacobs. as quoted by her son two weeks after moving into One Kenton Place.

Mrs. Jacobs is 96 years old and lives with dementia. She was brought to One Kenton Place by her loving and doting children after an extensive search of the city’s array of memory care residences.

“Why did you choose One Kenton Place?” I asked her son. 

“You could feel the love and compassion the moment you stepped through these doors,” he replied.

Since One Kenton Place opened its doors in 2014, our primary focus has been on creating an environment rooted in resident-centred care. As we moved through our process of welcoming new residents to our home, we asked ourselves, ‘Are we truly resident-centered?’  Does our perception of quality care mirror the perceptions of our residents and their families? With longer life expectancies, levels of care are changing within the senior living sector, particularly in the areas of memory care. So, how do we really know that we’re truly delivering quality care, and have been successful in accomplishing our resident-centred goals?

Through client testimonials, that’s how….

“My husband never said more than four words at home, but he hasn’t stopped talking since he came here!”  – Mr. Jones’ wife. as quoted a week after he moved into One Kenton Place.

Mr. Jones has been living with Alzheimer’s disease for the past ten years, and had been living at home. As his day-to-day needs grew in complexity, Mr. Jones’ loving and dedicated wife had to make the difficult decision to move him into a memory care residence. After visiting One Kenton Place she knew it was the right fit for him.

“How is everything going so far?” I asked his wife after one of her visits.

“Amazing! Just amazing! My husband is a completely different person here,” she replied.

Providing personalized care without compromise in a joyful and loving home for all people living with dementia is one of our guiding principles. However, making it a reality for all of our residents is our MISSION.



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