Partner of the Month: Hello Fresh

Shout out to our partner of the month, HelloFresh Canada, for choosing the Alzheimer Society of Toronto as one of their charitable causes to support through their fundraising program.
The HelloFresh fundraising program was created to help charities raise funds for every box ordered. By using the link, https://www.hellofresh.ca/plans?c=AST to order your food boxes, $10 from every order is donated back to the Alzheimer Society of Toronto.

In addition to supporting us through the fundraising program, HelloFresh Canada, has also committed to supporting various events throughout year. Most recently, they supported the IG Wealth Management Walk for Alzheimer’s as an in-kind sponsor and created a team to participate in the event. Thank you to the wonderful team at HelloFresh Canada for their support!
*Conditions apply: Fundraising Program is only eligible for up to 10 boxes.


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