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GPA is an innovative dementia care education curriculum based on a person-centred care approach. Designed for interdisciplinary point of care staff across healthcare sectors, GPA is delivered as four modules over a 7.5-hour day.

The session is evidence-based, interactive and practical. GPA Certified Coaches guide participants to fully understand responsive behaviours in order to be able to respond effectively and appropriately in a workplace setting. GPA also includes respectful self-protective and gentle redirection technique for use in situations of risk.

Learning Objectives

By taking this course you will learn:

  • Information about dementia and person-centred care
  • How the disease process relates to a person’s behavioural response
  • How to apply emotional, environmental, and interpersonal communication strategies to prevent and diffuse responsive behaviours
  • Suitable and respectful protective techniques to use in situations of risk

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Dec 04

Gentle Persuasive Approaches (GPA) Training – ONLINE

December 4 @ 9:00 am - 1:00 pm EST

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