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This Cantonese Peer-led Support Group provide care partners to connect with one another and learn and discuss the practical and emotional needs related to caring for a family member with Alzheimer’s Disease or other dementias. Each session will be broken down into two components: An Educational presentation followed by discussion and sharing related to the presentation topic. Groups are facilitated by volunteers who have lived experience as care partners and have received training on group facilitation. Participants and peer facilitators decide on the focus and direction of the group.
粵語支援小組,旨在為照顧者提供互相聯繫的機會 、並且學習和討論有關照顧患有阿茲海默氏症或其他認知障礙症家庭成員時的實際和情感需求。每節分為兩個部分:教育講座,然後有關主題的討論和分享。小組由有照顧經驗並接受過小組輔導訓練的義工帶領。參加者將會和主持人一起決定小組的重點和方向。
Learning Objectives:
• Provide a safe setting which promotes mutual support, both practical and emotional, throughout the course of the disease
• Enhance care partner’s knowledge of the illness, available supports, and coping strategies.
• 提供安全的環境,促進在疾病過程中的互助、實用知識交流與情感支援。
• 提高照顧者對疾病,尋找適切的支援,應對策略等知識。
Support Group will be presented in CANTONESE using Zoom.
The group will meet on: 
Every 2nd Thursday of the month from 4:00 pm to 5:30 pm
Registration is required followed by a short pre-screening by phone call prior to the start of the program.
For more information about this peer support group or other peer support groups, please contact Zahra at ZAmarshi@alz.to.
如欲了解更多詳情,請電郵至 ZAmarshi@alz.to 聯絡。
To complete the interest form: CLICK HERE
*Disclaimer: We kindly ask that you complete the interest form if you are interested in attending. Completion of this interest form does not guarantee a spot in this group. Please check your junk/spam email box if you do not receive a confirmation email.
* 免責聲明:如閣下有興趣參加,請填寫上述表格。填寫表格並不保證閣下一定能參加此小組。若您沒有收到確認電郵,請檢查您的垃圾郵件/箱。
If you are a formal Healthcare Provider, please see program offerings: https://alz.to/courses-learning-programs/
請注意:此活動僅限非正式照顧者/伴侶/家庭成員/朋友參加。 如閣下是正式的醫療保健提供者,請參閱課程大綱:https://alz.to/courses-learning-programs/

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